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  • How is my poster packaged and shipped?
    Each poster is packaged in a clear, protective, archival plastic sleeve. The posters are carefully rolled, and placed in a heavy cardboard shipping tube for shipping. Depending on the size and quantity of the order, multiple posters may be shipped in one tube.
  • Where can I buy a frame for my poster?
    We do not sell frames. All of our posters are carefully sized to fit in standard frame sizes, and require no cutting, trimming, or custom framing. Our posters can be mounted in a wide variety of standard frames that are readily available from your local craft or hobby retailer, and online.
  • My poster seems to be stuck in the USPS system, what should I do?
    Our posters are shipped to you via the U.S. Postal System, typically by First Class Mail. Once the poster is in the USPS system, it usually takes from 3-5 business days to arrive at your location, within the United States. Occasionally, a package seems to get stuck in the USPS system, and it does not move for several days. This is especially true during the holidays, or busy shopping seasons. We urge you to monitor the package using the USPS tracking number provided, and please be patient! The packages almost always start to move again, and they simply arrive later than expected. If your package does not move after several days, please contact us and we'll provide options for a replacement, or refund.
  • Do you offer additional poster sizes?
    Yes, but it depends on the poster. Use the Contact Us Form, and send us a request for a different size. We will review the request, and let you know if the poster can be printed in a different size. If your request is possible, and you would like to order the new size, we will add the size to the listing so you can place an order. Note: Not all posters are available in the sizes shown below. Here are the standard sizes we offer:
  • Do you add custom text to your posters?
    Generally, no. Adding custom text changes the historic content of the poster, and we strive to maintain the historic accuracy of our products.
  • Can you create a custom poster from my ephemera or artwork?
    Yes, but we would need to see the ephemera or artwork first to make a determination. Some material does not translate well to a poster, due to image clarity, or aspect ratio. Also, we don't normally charge for creating the new poster, but we may ask permission to use the image you provided for a new product in our line. Send us a note in the Contact Us form for more information.
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